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Reflecting on Treasured Family Times to Build a Great Memorial

Of all of the tasks associated with the passing of a loved one, designing a headstone should be the least arduous. And yet, for many, it seems to be one of the most challenging. When you think of designing a headstone for your loved ones, you should take time to reflect on all of the happy moments that you have shared with them. Think of the kind words of encouragement that they spoke into your lives. Consider all of the things that they did to make you laugh. In what ways did they show a down-to-earth humanity? These should be the qualities that you reflect on when designing a headstone.

Designing a headstone can actually be a very therapeutic experienceYou have many options, and what you choose could potentially say a great deal about the character of your loved one, as well as your own. A first stop question you must consider when designing a headstone is what aspects of the headstone specifically point to your loved one. You can do this in a variety of ways. Your headstone design can incorporate a photo of your loved one, perhaps enjoying a happy moment with you and your family.

This way, you will always be able to gaze upon your loved one’s image every time you visit the cemetery. For you, designing a headstone might also include attaching a bronze vase, so that your loved one’s memory will forever be above ground. This gives some people comfort in designing a headstone, perhaps giving them a sense that a part of their loved ones will never completely fade away. Some decide to take a bit of further artistic license when designing a headstone. For them it also includes engraving a special image that was meaningful to the departed. This seems especially true for parents who are designing a headstone for a child. If, for example, the child had a special teddy bear, perhaps the parents will wish to engrave it, almost as though the bear was the child’s guide through eternity.

Others who are very devout in their faith will often decide to attach some sort of sculpture, such as an angel, a cherub, Jesus, or Mary when designing a headstone. This shows all around the guiding beliefs that structured their lives, and may even serve as an encouragement to the survivors to believe on, even in spite of his/her death.

Designing a headstone also means considering what words to write. Many headstones will not say anything, other than the person’s name, date of birth, and date of death. For others however, this seems a bit incomplete. Perhaps there was a saying that your loved one always lived by. Maybe it was a saying that you knew he/she was right about, and got sick of hearing as a child. What was that saying? Perhaps it should be what is on the headstone. If your loved one was a person of devout faith, was there a particular scripture verse that guided your loved one through the rough waters of life? For your loved one, arguably, designing a headstone would be wholly incomplete without that verse. For those who are at a loss as to what to write on the memorial, there are many places to find inspiration for a comforting headstone epitaph. Many turn to the world wide web for pages that may offer great ideas, others to the bible for a verse that is inspirational - and some individuals even begin their research in the library, or book collection, of their loved one. This just goes to say that there is no 'right' or 'traditional' epitaph - the wording on a memorial can be anything that will capture the personality of the dearly departed, and bring warmth to the hearts of their friends and family.

Reflecting on Treasured Family Times can be a great inspiration when building a Great MemorialDesigning a headstone also means choosing which rock to use. Do not rule this point out. Different rocks can say different things. If your loved one was a person of strength, perhaps granite is the answer for you. Since granite is made from hardened lava, you can take comfort when you are designing a headstone made out of granite that the lettering on your headstone will survive the test of time.

Perhaps your loved one cared a great deal about the environment and the kind of natural world would be left behind when he or she was gone. Perhaps you then ought to consider environmentally friendly headstones when designing a headstone. These are headstones made from plant composite materials that do not require large amounts of concrete to be lifted out of the ground. Other appealing factors, if you go “environmentally friendly” when designing a headstone include the wide array of colors, from red and green to pearl blue, along with many others, and the wide array of beautiful centers that you have to choose from, including a cross, flowers, and a beautiful vine, each one appearing like a stained glass window. You have many options to choose from when designing a headstone. There's no reason to settle for anything less than the exact headstone you desire.

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