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In the last thirty years especially, with a growing awareness of global warming, and other ecological problems facing the earth, a tremendous societal emphasis has been placed on environmental friendliness. It seems that everyone these days wants to “go green.” Less however may be aware of environmentally friendly headstones. This unique concept in construction of headstones is creating an interest that spans the globe.

Environmentally friendly headstones may seem like a trend, but they are very much needed in our societyEnvironmentally friendly headstones, based on a new construction material with a growing usage all across Europe, are derived from composite plant materials. This headstone while having a traditional appeal, also does not require moving massive amounts of rock to manufacture. With the advent of the technology use to build these environmentally friendly headstones, many cemeteries may come to the point where they are totally green.

An example of a totally green cemetery can be found in the Natural Death Centre. It only allows environmentally friendly burials. No traditional burials will be accepted there. They were no doubt pleased when The London Paper reported that new legal requirements mandate the drastic reduction of mercury emissions of all future coffins by 2010. Environmentally friendly headstones are almost certain to become popular at cemeteries such as that in the coming years.

The centers of environmentally friendly headstones resemble stained glass windows, similar to those found in a grand cathedral. Some of them, for example, feature intricate links of flowers, others feature a peaceful lakeside setting, viewed through a “window” of tree branches, and still others feature a quiet tree overlooking rolling hills. There are many options to choose from, and oftentimes, you can give your own design as well. You can also include any words of wisdom on an environmentally friendly headstone that could be included on a traditional one, as well of course as their name, date of birth, and date of death.

Many environmentally friendly headstones also have a colorful frame as well, and provide an appealing alternative to the same old gray and white of most headstones. These can range from green to black to blue, and will stand out in the cemetery, just as you would have wanted your loved one to where they still alive.

Our future generations will reap the benefits of the environmental efforts of todaySome people have taken to buying environmentally friendly headstones prior to their death, with their date of death to be included later. You can also receive a proof of your loved one’s grave beforehand, so that you know exactly what it will look like. The fact is though; you could be saving up to half the price of a regular upright headstone if you go environmentally friendly.

Users may be concerned that environmentally friendly headstones will not last, but this is nothing to worry about. In fact, they will last almost as long as granite. These headstones will guard against mildew, stains, bad weather, and scratches. That will ensure that your loved one’s headstone will be around so that many generations of family members will be able to see it. Many who buy environmentally friendly headstones also buy biodegradable urns. These urns are designed to wear away over time, so that your loved one’s ashes will help to replenish the cycle of life. These surely provide a better alternative to the traditional form of burial, as the most common form will cause the body to disintegrate, and release methane into the ground.

All in all, environmentally friendly headstones may be the a great way to protect the earth, and by preventing more rock from being used, they can also be looked upon as your loved one’s last good deed for the earth, which gave so much to them while they were alive.

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