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Durable Family Memories That Will Last For Centuries

A granite headstone may just be the most durable headstone available. In contrast to slate and marble, granite headstones can withstand the elements in a way in which the engraving still looks clear and it is unlikely to break apart.

Over the centuries, the granite headstone has also proven easier to clean than previous headstones. With slate and marble headstones, cleaning products could easily wear away at the lettering, Granite headstones capture memories in the beautiful way that only a natural material caneventually making it indecipherable. That has proved not to be the case with granite however, a testimony to its resiliency. Just to make sure though, it is recommended if you are the one cleaning granite headstones to use water and a non-ionic soap, as well as a non metallic scouring pad to remove the calcium deposits. This will ensure that there is little possibility of scratching.

The reason a granite cemetery headstone will be so strong has to do with how granite itself came to be. Granite, which is formed within the earth, emerges to the surface in different ways, sometimes from volcanoes, and other times from continental shifts. The pressure resulting from this causes the granite to become very compacted and very tough, making it the ultimate "rock of ages."

Not only that, a granite headstone offers more variety in color than almost any other headstone. Since granite can come in pink, grey, beige, red, black, and even green, any choice is sure to make your loved one's headstone stand out among the crowd. What is more, any granite headstone can feature mounted bronze plaques that allow one, even more flexibility, the strength of granite with the artistic quality of bronze. This kind of headstone, often referred to as a bronze on granite grave marker, may need two kinds of cleaners though. For the bronze it is recommended that one use a rag, 1 tablespoon of salt, and 3 1/2 cups of water. Also, you should keep in mind that by choosing this method, it is subject to all the same dust that a regular bronze headstone would be. This dust tends to affect a typical granite headstone less.

Even without the bronze, a granite headstone can have an artistic quality of their own, as some of the most popular headstones reflect. Who could fail to appreciate the beauty of granite headstones with images such as "the book of life" symbolizing your loved one's many accomplishments, a bouquet of flowers, not unlike the beauty of your loved one's heart, or a cross to show your loved one's faith. These can be etched in, sandblasted, or shape carved, which means that an outline of the image is sandblasted, and then the details are etched in, giving it the effect of looking "3-D". Many times a granite headstone can also contain beautiful sculptures, or statues, with images such as the Virgin Mary, and Jesus, or a simpler design, such as a cross, a cross, a heart shape, or a shell.

Granite headstones feature all information directly sandblasted into the stone.One can easily see why granite is used not only for headstones, but also for counter tops, the asphalt in roads, tunnels, bridges, and building materials, just to name a few of its uses. One comes just shy of saying that you cannot go wrong with granite.

Just to show how safe a granite headstone is from the elements, consider that it was granite that Mount Rushmore, which features the images of four of our most noteworthy Presidents, was made from granite. It, like any granite headstone, has well stood the test of time.

Granite itself has consistently brought commerce to the American economy, a fact which has even prompted names of cities such as Granite City, Illinois, and Granite Falls, North Carolina, Minnesota, and Washington respectively. If you buy granite headstones, you and your loved one posthumously may be doing something to refuel the American economy as well, helping to keep jobs in America during these tough economic times.

A granite headstone may also be one of the most affordable options as well. It can sometimes cost between $500 and $1000 cheaper than other headstones. You need not spend a fortune for a headstone to show that you cared deeply for your departed loved one.

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