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Headstone sayings, also known as epitaphs, are perhaps the most meaningful words that any family can write about a lost loved one. Understandibly, deciding what to write on the final memorial tribute of the loved one can be a difficult decision. Here is a summary of things to keep in mind when your own family is considering what to say on a headstone.

Headstone sayings are often seen as the final stage of death and closure for the family of the deceased. They mark the existence of the time that person spent on Earth. Some see it as the last words you can say to the departed loved one. When choosing a headstone saying think of it as what would you like people to see as they passed by your loved ones grave. It should be something that Recollecting on happy memories can be a great way to think of a saying for a headstonecatches their attention without diminishing their time on earth. The goal should, perhaps, to let people passing know what a wonderful person this was. You can say a range of things from the time of birth and death and name of the departed. Which is how it was done centuries ago, but today you can have so much more written. The most popular headstone sayings are biblical verses, but some are simple yet traditional: R.I.P, which stands for Rest In Peace is a typical example of a long-held tradition of headstone sayings. Many headstones and grave markers are large enough that the entire text of written poems and scriptures can be placed on them. (This feature depends on what the church requires on cemetery plots, of course. Every cemetery has different rules and regulations on the size of a headstone).

Sometimes Bible verses and scriptures become unexpectedly difficult to use for headstone sayings because there are so many to choose from and it needs to be unique to the individual who has passed. So that's why we offer this short list of some popular Bible choices that have been put to good use as headstone sayings for many years in many different scenarios: “Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil,” (23rd Psalm) is one of the most popular Biblical verse for headstone sayings. In the event you may view this verse as a little too dark, another Biblical headstone saying is “Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me.” (John 14:1) This is a common choice because it calls forth to the survivors of the deceased to have faith in God and their other loved ones because entire families and will, surely, be reunited with each other again one day in Heaven.

Verses for nearly any writing can be wonderful additions as headstone sayingsWords that are not necessarily from the Bible, but which register plenty of the Biblical spirit also make for excellent headstone sayings. Words of comfort of always a good choice: “Forever in our hearts” is a beautiful saying that sends an eternal message to the deceased that he or she will never be forgotten no matter what. Many like to include the accomplishments, personality traits and the life of that person. So they can show the world how wonderful that person was when they were alive. Such as if the departed was a wonderful doctor and selflessly spent all his time tending to those in need or a devoted parent and spouse. Tombstone, Arizona is known for their comical headstone sayings. Some families choose to go this route and use funny or witty headstone sayings because that's how the departed would want to be remembered by not with sorrow but with humor. You can also write a wish for the deceased. Something you wish for them as they go on to the afterlife.

For many people who have trouble deciding what words should be included on a grave marker as headstone sayings for their family member, it may be important to keep this final thought in mind: it should be considered a great honor to get to chose what is written on a deceased loved ones headstone! Many ideas can be found just walking through a cemetery and looking at other headstones or you can talk to a funeral director. There are even many websites that offer informative articles with ideas for epitaphs that individuals can browse through. In the end, you can never go wrong with anything you chose as long as it comes from the heart and remains unique as the person who has passed.

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