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Some may be surprised to learn that there are a wide variety of options when it comes to headstone types. Aside from one of the most common of headstone types, the ground level headstone known as a “flat marker,” there are many other options to choose from.

One of the most glamorous headstone types available today may be the new earth-friendly upright headstones. These headstone types hearken back to Ancient Greece and Rome, but they do so without the problem of relying on earth's precious natural resources such as granite or other natural rock. These types of upright headstones are made from a new material that is developed from plants – thereby preserving natural rock to be used as nature intended it rather than as a headstone. The new material retains the look of granite or other natural stone – and it will certainly last as There are many types of headstones to suit individual tastes or needslong, too – but the environmental benefits will bring your family peace of mind for generations. If you’re loved one was a regal sort of person, who had a sense of inner strength about them, or for that matter, if they were very athletic, this may be one of the most appealing of headstone types for you.

Most headstone types include a design that features hearts - for those who had big hearts, full of love and compassion for all they knew. These are the headstone types that remind all who knew the person what they miss, and serve as a reminder to always strive to have big hearts for others in their own lives.

Angel headstone types say a similar message. This person was truly angelic in nature, beaming with hope and love, always supporting the weak, and ever eager to do a good work. These headstone types also show your trust that your loved one is not going to a place where they will not be protected. They have angels always around them, looking over their shoulder to keep their soul from harm.

Ceramic photos can be applied to most any of the popular headstone types as well. Now your loved one’s image can be affixed in your mind every time you visit them. Time may never completely wash away the pain of losing them, but being able to see their face every time you visit, a part of them will stay with you forever.

Bronze headstones are headstone types that are sure to last, and most of them can be adorned with a cup for flowers. What better testimony to a life of strength and fortitude than a headstone that will stand so strong against the elements. To compliment the strength of the bronze, many of these headstone types are also lined with marble.

While there are many types of headstones, they will all create a long lasting tribute to a lost loved oneDid your loved one adore the beauty of nature? Granite headstones are good headstone types for this type of person. Formed in water with shells inside, these headstone types show that the earth was always their companion. These headstone types have been, more or less, the standard for several centuries. While the choices headstone types that are available today have increased dramatically since the days when granite headstones were the only option, granite still remains remarkably popular as a headstone type. That's because this headstone type harkens back to the days of antiquity and connects the present day to all who have lived on Earth and to all those who will live here in the future. What better sentiment can a headstone type express?

Children have such innocence about them. If you’ve suffered the tragic loss of a child, there are a number of headstone types that reflect this, such as the teddy bear headstone, with a bear always protecting your child on his journey through eternity, the lamb headstone, to show the tenderness of your child’s heart, and the child at prayer headstone, to show your child’s simple faith in God. Sadly, nothing will bring back your child, but these headstone types will be like one final hug.

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