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Many Headstone Options Available For Just About Every Need

Some may be surprised to learn that there are a wide variety of options when it comes to headstone types. Aside from one of the most common of headstone types, such as ground level headstones known as “flat markers,” there are many other options to choose from. These are the headstone types that remind all who knew the person what they miss, and serve as a reminder to always strive to have big hearts for others in their own lives.Not only are there many styles, different types of memorials can even offer different functions.

Flat headstones, which are the most popular, in themselves offer any different options. We begin this guide by describing these memorials, as their popularity is brought on for a reason. Many families are often surprised to find that their cemetery requires a memorial to be set, to be a flat headstone. The main reason being is that these memorials offer easy maintenance of the cemetery's grounds. While that is so, there is truly no limit to the ways that a flat marker can be personalized. The most popular type of flat grave markers are the style that feature a bronze plaque, which is mounted on a granite base. What better testimony to a life of strength and fortitude than a headstone that will stand so strong against the elements. Bronze in itself is a very versatile material that allows for a good amount of text, as well as highly decorative borders or emblems.  A family can have their loved one's marker feature their name and date information and a short verse, on a simple bronze plaque with a sleek beveled and polished border, to honor a person that was a minimalist by nature. On the other hand, a decorative border with a special epitaph and emblems that honor the persons hobbies, work or interests can pay tribute to that individual who was truly the life of a party wherever they went. Granite markers also feature the same options, but instead of featuring a bronze plaque, the information is carved directly into the stone. Some families even prefer granite only markers, as they are made entirely of a There are many types of headstones to suit individual tastes or needsnatural material, which can embody one's love of nature. Additionally, granite is available in a variety of colors that range from a light gray, to beige or pink, or even deep blues and blacks. Either way, flat markers (whether bronze on granite or granite only) can both also feature a flower vase to hold beautiful arrangements, and are quickly becoming the traditional method to remember and honor the life of a lost loved one. 

While many cemeteries may have restrictions, there are also a great number that are more flexible with the type of grave markers they allow. Keep in mind it is very important to first check with the cemetery where a memorial is to be set before deciding on a final marker or monument. With that said, slant markers are an elegant combination of flat grave markers and upright monuments. These memorials feature a large granite body, with a slightly slanted face that offers the same personalized appearance of a flat marker. The sides and back of the granite body can be polished or can be rock-pitched for a natural look. Slant markers offer true strength and durability, in that the entire memorial has a pleasing width and depth, but the slant face offers a clean and polished apperance.

The other most recognizable type of memorial (which is what is often portrayed in scenes of movies or shows where a cemetery is the setting), is the classic upright headstone. These markers are usually created from granite, and can feature anything from simple polished shape with only the individuals information to an intricate, decorative design that is adorned with elegant carvings and lengthy verses, or even poetry.  Whatever the style, upright headstones are also crafted from granite so they have the same variety of color options available. Some families even opt to have a two-toned memorial, so that the headstone features a contrasting combination of granite colors (usually a small slab of granite is inlaid into the headstone to provide this look). Upright headstones can be designed to accommodate the addition of a beautiful statue, or a matching flower vase. One of the most interesting combinations, however, is that of a bronze plaque mounted on an upright headstone face. The bronze allows the same personalization options available for flat markers to these classic monuments. Whatever the choice of design, there is no denying that these stately memorials truly offer a dignified tribute to the legacy of one's life.

Cemetery benches are on of the oldest ways to mark a family plot, and invite one's surviving family members to visit the grave site regularly. These beautiful benches are often made of granite, and often feature just the seat and legs, or supports. However they can also be made with a back support for a more contemporary appearance or to provide a larger area for personalization.  Most benches feature a family name carved into the seat, or into the back support for those that feature that part. Cemetery benches offer an place of repose, where one can go and pay their respects to their lost loved ones.

To reflect the rise in popularity of cremation, one of the newest forms of memorial is made with the same look and purpose of traditional monuments, but feature a specific compartment - or niche - to accommodate a loved one's cremated remains. These memorials can range from a standard flat headstone that would have a recessed receptacle for the cremation urn to be placed in to a bench that While there are many types of headstones, they will all create a long lasting tribute to a lost loved oneaccommodates one or multiple urns in the supports (or legs). Another popular option is a cremation pillar, which is a tall, slender monument that is completely cored to accept the cremation canisters. Cremation pillars usually feature a bronze plaque as the cover for the cremation core, which coincidentally allows for further personalization of the memorial.

Children have such innocence about them. If you’ve suffered the tragic loss of a child, there are a number of headstone types - both flat and upright - that reflect this, such as the teddy bear headstone, with a bear always protecting your child on his journey through eternity, the lamb headstone, to show the tenderness of your child’s heart, and the child at prayer headstone, to show your child’s simple faith in God. Sadly, nothing will bring back your child, but these headstone types will offer a gentle reminders of the beautiful memories shared with them.

When it comes to personalizing a memorial, the sky is truly the limit! Most headstone types include a special designs that feature hearts - for those who had big hearts, full of love and compassion for all they knew. Angel headstone types offer a similar message. This person was truly angelic in nature, beaming with hope and love, always supporting the weak, and ever eager to do a good work. These headstone types also show your trust that your loved one is not going to a place where they will not be protected. They have angels always around them, looking over their shoulder to keep their soul from harm. Ceramic photos can be applied to most any of the popular headstone types as well. Now your loved one’s image can be affixed in your mind every time you visit them. Time may never completely wash away the pain of losing them, but being able to see their face every time you visit, a part of them will stay with you forever.

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