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How a headstone helps grief? The truth is, needless to say, that even the best of headstones will not bring back a loved one. Headstones can however offer comfort to loved ones of the departed in their time of grief.

Adding a ceramic photo to a headstone can greatly help throughout the mourning periodOne way of how a headstone helps grief is to remind them of their loved one's (hopefully long) life well lived. By inserting a memorial portrait, a headstone helps grief by allowing those who loved the departed to see their face, which will make it easier to reflect on the happy times, and not to dwell on the grief.

For parents who have lost a child, a headstone can have a special significance. It can remind them that even though their child's life was cut tragically short, God still has a plan for them, in eternity. Also consider that in some sense the phrase "You can't take it with you,” might not be true. Consider, what your child's favorite toys were, and leave them at the grave. One family, knowing that their child enjoyed toy cars decided to decorate their child's grave with them.

Along those lines, another way of how a headstone helps grief is by the families designing the headstone in a way that honors the best memories of the departed's life. What were some of the things they loved? Did she love roses? A headstone with roses sculpted into it might be a good idea. Or perhaps your loved one served in the military. The Office of Veterans Affairs offers a medallion that the families of deceased veterans can have placed on the headstone. There are any numbers of possibilities for personalized headstones that will tell everyone about the life your loved one lived. In this way, many feel that a headstone is a truly beautiful way to preserve the legacy one left behind.

A headstone will be a beautiful reminder of happy memories shared with the dearly departedStill another way of how a headstone helps grief is to reflect that if your loved one's headstone is made out of strong materials (which you will want to make sure it does) it will survive for years, even centuries. It is as though a part of them is never truly gone. Consider also that your grief, though strong now, will surely be healed somewhat with time. The headstones of a century ago must have been mourned at the time, but now there is a certain quiet peace around them. Time is the great salve, and when the time is right, it will begin to perform its healing works for you as well with your loved one's headstone.

How a headstone helps grief often depends on what you believe about the soul of the one buried underneath it. Perhaps you console yourself in your grief by the belief that they are not really gone, but only in another state of consciousness now. A good headstone can also remind survivors that their loved one's earthly pain is now gone. Any mistakes your loved one made are now a thing of the past, they will never falter again, and they will never have another difficulty. What a beautiful thought is that?

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