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Headstones Are Just The Start Of This Age Old Memorial Tradition

Did your loved one stand out in life? If so then why not honor him or her with something larger than a headstone, a monument. Some may see a monument as ostentatious. They may have in their mind the Taj Majal, or the Washington Monument. A typical memorial monument however can be only slightly bigger than a headstone, but large enough to be noticed. Available in a number of styles -- upright, slanted, and flat are just some of the styles available -- your loved one's monument is sure not to be missed at the cemetery.

Monuments capture and preserve the past for all future generationsA monument is also a more expansive way than just a headstone to express what kind of person your loved one was. Many who purchase headstones will decide to have a quote reflective of their loved one’s life. A square monument, depending on how large it is, could have four or more, perhaps one for each side. Why is this important? Simply because each generation will learn new lessons, but by looking to the future, the more wisdom that can be left behind on your loved one’s monument, while still keeping it attractive to look at, perhaps the better off the younger generation will be. They will look at your loved one’s monument, and likely, they will learn. It will be as though your loved one is continuing to help generations of people with his/her monument, even after his passing.

One also has more liberty with an upright monument to include a larger sculpture on top. No one will doubt that your loved one was someone important when they see the size that a monument could potentially be. You have a wide range of options when you consider which sculpture you want for your monument. Some choose to have an angel. Others often decide on hearts, or a shell. Regardless of one's tastes, an upright monument can offer a beautifully personalized memorial tribute.

You may think that a monument will cost a great deal more than a typical headstone, and they certainly can, depending on the size of it. However, one can also purchase some monuments for around the same price as a typical headstone, which is in many instances for less than a thousand dollars. You can find a monument made from marble, granite, and other rocks as well.

A marble monument has a note of classicism to it, the sophistication of which surely will not escape appreciation. Reminding one of the scholarly Greeks and Romans, those who visit your loved one's marble monument are sure to think your loved one to have been a man of letters, well read and articulate.

A granite monument also has an added character of strength to it. You can be sure that a granite monument, with rock that has been pressed together by volcano lava, is sure to endure any assault that Mother Nature can dish out upon it, and since most hope that their monument will be there for centuries, they should needless to say plan for many of them. A granite monument, like a granite headstone also has the added ability to bring color to the cemetery. With colors that range from red, to grey, to golden yellow, and even green, along with its size, your loved one’s monument will surely add variety to the black and white.

A permanent monument can be very comforting both during, and after, a mourning periodIt is also a good idea to keep in mind that you can purchase either a single or companion monument, which will have the name of your loved one, along with his or her life partner. May they rest in peace together. Something else sure to add color to your loved one's monument is by surrounding it with a garden memorial. A monument is sure to fit in perfectly here. Here the monument will serve as the center-piece to quiet garden, where you can reflect and remember your loved one's life, especially the good times you had.

Fitting the garden image perfectly, many who purchase a monument will also decide to couple it with a memorial bench. A memorial bench, which will often have the last name of the deceased etched into its side, further adds to the contemplative atmosphere that a monument engenders. You should not be surprised if for a moment it seems as though your loved one is sitting there with you at the monument, appreciating all that you have done to honor his/her passing. A monument is not just another headstone, it is in fact a work of art. Try not to think of a monument just as a rock to be placed above your loved one's remains. Think of the monument rather as a visible symbol of his or her lifetime of progress, achievement, hopes, and fulfilled dreams. Your loved one's monument shows to the world a job well done.

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